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Fonts for Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Kits:

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When you are about to work on a scrapbook, you will need the materials to get on with the task. A scrapbooking kit takes charge of this. Scrapbooking kits are complete. They are sold whether by local arts and crafts shops within your area or via online shopping. It will be a good idea to be armed with scrapbooking kits most especially if you are going to make your loved one or a special friend a gift for any occasion in his or her life such as birthdays, graduation, or wedding.

If you do not know yet, the scrapbook can be a perfect gift for anyone at anytime. Generally, you will need captions for the pictures that you will include in the scrapbook you are working on. So you will need especially effective journaling pens that do not smudge or blot.

These journaling pens come included in the scrapbooking kit. You just have to make sure that the journaling pens are acid-free so they can work well on the photos and the cardstocks. But if you do want a ready-made font for scrapbooking, you can get it from the internet. There are thousands of fonts for scrapbooking as well as templates hosted by the internet. The scrapbooking kit that you should purchase depends on the theme of the scrapbook that you will make. Is it for the holidays? A birthday? A wedding? A baptismal? Therefore, it points out that the scrapbooking kit which you must take hold of is suited to the occasion at hand. For example, a scrapbooking kit that is meant for the Christmas holidays will include sheets of papers that are the color of the holidays such as red, green, and yellow. There will also be cutouts of Santa Claus, candy canes, Christmas trees, wreaths, jingle bells, stickers, ribbons, and other Christmas-related items. It will be entirely different though for a birthday-inspired scrapbooking kit. When creating fonts for scrapbooking, there is the latest technique known as the “rub on transfer”. This technique is guaranteed by many to be smudge-free and cheaply priced for your upcoming scrapbook project. The Supplies Needed For the “rub on transfer” technique, all you need to procure are: one piece rub on transfer film which comes included in the scrapbooking kit, a fine mist hair gel which has a mega hold, a hairspray, a hair dryer, and an ink jet printer. How it is done In order to be successful in this rub on technique, just follow the following steps: On the transfer film, spray the fine mist hair gel. So as to see if you’ve done the spraying evenly on the coverage of the film, hold up the film a few inches from the mirror. Just spray enough hair gel to cover the entire area of the film.

Dry the sprayed gel with a hair dyer. It needs not be too hot and too close to the film. Make use of any available word processing program in your computer to design your artwork. You can opt to stamp and flip the images on the film using pigment-based inks.

Set your ink jet printer to either the “T shirt transfer” or “Mirror Image” mode. This step can be omitted if the images have already been flipped.

Print the images using the normal image print setting. It will ensure that the ink will not run. Have the ink dry up in its place. You can employ the help of the hair dyer but be sure it will not dislocate the ink position.

Gently and smoothly rub on the printed image on the artwork. Make use of a spoon to rub the image in its place. Ensure that the entire area has been rubbed thoroughly so that the image transfer will be successful. After which, peel away the film from the artwork in a gentle way. You now have a rubbed on image or font for your scrapbook. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that your artwork has really been exerted with too much effort? The pleasure which you may derive from your craft is priceless. Being artistic pays off. Now you have an idea as to how to make fonts for your scrapbook.

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