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Coloring Pages - Interesting Things You Can Do With Them

See some cool coloring pages

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that after coloring, they don't have to discard the pages because it can be used for a lot of things which include:

Wrapping Paper

For the mere fact that those papers are colored, is the very reason you should convert it to a wrapping paper. It will add a great deal of aesthetics to the packaging, and thus make your gift to appear a lot more appealing. Do that, and have it covered around the next gift you wish to send over to a friend. And speaking of gifts.

Gift Bows

If you don't want to use your coloring pages as wrapping papers, it even serves better if you use at a gift bow. All you need to do is wrap the paper into a bow shape, and then use a ribbon to tie it to your gift. Other than gift bows, you can turn them to real bows, and wear them during casual occasions such as your kid's birthday, or when on family picnics.

Name Decor

You can carve out your name from the colored paper, place it on a wooden surface separately, then hang it on the wall of your room. It would be a great home decor if your color combination were great.


You can convert your coloring scrapbook page into colorful and beautiful bags of different shapes and sizes. However, this is for those who've had previous knowledge of how to make a bag. If you haven't, you can read some tutorials online.

Phone Casing

Imagine having a phone case made from your customized color combination? That’s right. So, instead of discarding your color pages, you can give it up to be used as a phone case for you or anyone else.

Shoe Pad

You can use your coloring pages as a shoe pad to compliment with the predesigned color of the shoe. It's an amazing tweak which you'll love.

Book Covers

You can use your coloring pages as covers for your books, journal, diary and so on. Doing this doesn't require further skills, as all you'll have to do is trim the colored page to match the dimension of the book or diary using scissors or any other cutting tool. Then, attach it to the cover of the book using an adhesive like gum. Trust me; you'll certainly love it.


If you're familiar with French weddings, then you'll notice that French couples are often obsessed with color variations of their bouquet. This is why there are so many colorful designs of a bouquet on their bridal galleries. So, your coloring pages could be used for this too.

Key Holders

You can carve and insert colored pages into your set of keys, as key a holder. This works perfectly, whether it's your car key, house key or any type. Try it out, and you'll be happy you did.

Tray Decor

You can place your coloring page on your favorite tray, to add more beauty to the design. And just like what you did with the book cover, you don't need any super skills for this. Just cut the paper to fit the center part of the tray, and then attach it using an adhesive.


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