Lucky Charms Cereal Leprechaun Vintage Distressed T-shirt, Medium

  • Lucky Charms remix – ‘Magically Delicious’
  • The Luckiest Surprise Eggs’ Disastrous Opening! BAD IDEAS x 3 w/ Skylander Boy and Girl & LC CHASE
  • ‘Lucky Charms Are Openly GAY’ Cry Conservatives
  • FIGHTING EASTER BUNNIES CAUGHT! Hidden Camera Battle! Giant Kids Surprise Egg (Skylanders Trap Team)
  • Zombie Confession for Lucky Charms Inspired Shirt from SeventhInk
  • Heckler’s Vlog 6: Lucky’s Outta Luck (It’s Cereal Business)
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  • GC4125 General Mills Lucky Charms Leprechaun Adult
  • Drive-in Cinema – Snack Bar Leprechaun Animation (Retro Drive-In Movie Ads)
  • Lightcore Chase is Boss! / Crystal Tuff Luck FOUND! (Accidental Skylanders Trap Team Hunting #8)
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From Lucky Charms comes this 50/50 short sleeve t-shirt in green featuring the Lucky Charms logo and leprechaun. A magically delicious t-shirt for those who love Lucky Charms.

The Luckiest Surprise Eggs' Disastrous Opening! BAD IDEAS x 3 w/ Skylander Boy and Girl & LC CHASE

Here is when a Playdoh Surprise Egg Unboxing goes wrong! We came across a couple of rare items as of Jan 17 2015 and thought to reveal them in a cool and fun way! However, Dad forgets to think before he acts and turns this Lucky Surprise egg unboxing into an UNLUCKY situation!

Thumbs up for whatever happened in this video. 🙂

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Contents of the Surprise Egg! 2 Boxes of Lucky Charms, 1 Undead Skylanders Undead Trap & a Crystal Tuff Luck Variant!

NOTE: We'll have an "accidental hunting video for Crystal Tuff Luck coming soon.

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